Useful links to help you learn guitar

A few links to things you can see online or download to help your guitar playing.......

  • Powertab Editor is a tablature authoring tool for the Windows operating system. It's used to create standard notation and guitar / bass tabs.

  • Ultimate - one of the best online resources for guitar and bass tabs, reviews of guitars, amps, effects and much more.

  • Metronome online or Web metronome
    Use either of these online metronomes to help you play in time.

  • Online guitar tuner Tune your guitar first before you play!

  • How to tune Read all about tuning, and get a tuner for all different tunings too.

  • Classical music - a site set up by a German man called Dirk. Contains a lot of written classical music for guitar arranged by composer and with grading on how difficult the piece is.

  • Guitar Skills Guitar lessons on You Tube by one of our guitar teachers.

    Guitar Skills is a guitar tuition website featuring detailed videos, with no-nonsense lessons, tips and tricks to make you a better player. Learn vital techniques, with everything explained to give you ideas and advice on how to develop and become your own player.